BFB 24 MAP By Four - Part 63

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BFB 24 MAP (Closed) by Four! ^_^ 💙💙💙
BFB 24 Belongs to Jacknjellify ! 💕💕💕
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    • Four screech- FF OOO UUUU RRRR

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    • 444th like .^.

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  • h o w i s t h i s f l i p p a c l i p ? T h i s i s l i k e - ✨a m a z i n g ✨

    Lucy JojoLucy JojoԱմիս առաջ
  • I like the see-through expression of Gelatin. You can see him change his face after Four gives the rates.

    Victoria ChanVictoria ChanԱմիս առաջ
  • Why my favourite host is X but not four(because he was selfish in this episode)

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  • Back then before I saw BFB I didn't know what this was

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  • @Four

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  • I like dis

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  • LINELESS?!?!?

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  • Gelatin just went sad that hit my heart bro-

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  • ok i gonna to sub you lol

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  • There’s no way in the bottom pits of hell that you animated this on FlipaClip

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  • E

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  • Aw. Four looks cute

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  • :(

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  • Gello boy be like : o-o owo ono

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  • I,m XD Love Job Exress Four The Gelatin Season

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  • Four the meany 4=😈

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  • Four: Aw, how lovely of you to make a party for X.(Gelatin smiles) And you used things that X loves too, what a sweet party!(gets mad) Zero out of ten, because the party was meant to be for me!(Gelatin frowns)

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  • ?

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  • GuD i like it lmao XD

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  • the thing that you can see Gelatin’s face from behind him is cool

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  • :(

  • That movement was PERFECT

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  • aww! i love how four puts his arms together and then closes his eyes! oh wait... im i having a cuteness overload?!?! 0:00

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  • :| “Aww!! How lovely of you to make a party for X. (:[) Because that party was meant to be for ME!” - Four

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  • I felt so bad for four cuz I said "that was selfish..." pls help me :(

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  • I really really like this so much great job

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  • Gelatin face cute

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  • One like= To be safe on BFB 27

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  • 4

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  • Mmmmah.noice

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  • Did you do this on animator tool box?

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  • *ME*

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  • epic for being epic

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  • This really good

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  • Thats so good

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  • Please no Gelatin just needs to not get mean less by Four (not trying to be mean at all)

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  • new style :pog:

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  • I was going to animate this but i didnt have time :(

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  • Awww how cute Gelatin it is, ok nvm four angry at gelatin

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  • Thats really good :)

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  • Nice

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  • cute X3 new here

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  • When four says "what a sweet party" it was really smooth

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  • Noice

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  • Wow Yellow! How you made that?

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  • This is my favourite video from your AMpluss channel and will watch it when I am sad. :)

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  • Your animaton is Soo good

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  • Four is so cute

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  • 0:05 looks like discord jelly pfp

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  • What in the world is this masterpiece

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  • Hhh- how did you improve so much-

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  • 0/10 because the party WAS MEANT TO BE FOR ME!!

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  • One thing bfb host sounds like papyrus to me

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    • I'm crying at this comment

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  • Meee LUVVV diss! It soo smooth!!

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  • Congrats on 100K! Third OSC Member to get that HUGE Milestone!

  • i love this

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  • That's Epic!

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  • Hi ;3 :o sub 100k :0 cool 😎🤗 4❤️👌🏾👏🏾😄

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  • Do you still do BFB FlipaClip? Cause I have a request

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  • Gelatin got 0 for making a party for someone else, Teardrop got 1 for making a party for someone else. I hate Gelatin a lot... but Four, that's unfair.

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    • Ikr! I just noticed that. ;-;

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  • I love your art style is so cute! And the animation is so smooth !

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  • 1600th Liker :D

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  • This Is Off Topic. But I Can’t Wait For JAROS!

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  • I love this so much! Cool style too!

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  • Wow when did 100k happen I watched when it 30k

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  • how tf did I not notice that you reached 100K subs, and how?! I stumbled into your channel when you were at like 7K!!! Congrats!!!

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  • Heyyy

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  • Ahhahahahha four its for X not for you XD

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  • Lol u passed aos I am not being mean

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  • By a moment i was thinking if you forgot BFB

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  • Oh my gosh the art style is so cute

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  • that is smooth- Also how is this even flipaclip

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    • It looks less than 30

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    • 30fps

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  • 100k

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  • Great job you just got a new subscriber from this.

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  • happy 100K subs

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  • WOOHOO 100K

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  • This is great! Your animation style reminds me of Animal Crossing.

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  • Yes she hit 100k!

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  • OwO can u take a request Edit:congratulations on 100K

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  • 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!

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  • Law and order: special victims unit

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  • happy 100k subs

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  • You hit 100k subs

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  • happy 100k yellow if u notice this pin this comment

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  • [X] with outlines [✓] with outlines

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